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Ready for Commissions!
I think I'm ready to draw for payment, but I'll let you guys decide, alright? I only want points, so please, NO ACTUAL CASH!

Also, please remember, I'm not a professional, but a passionate amateur! ALSO It must be under PG-13, or I won't do it!!!!

So here's the deal:

Sketches/Lineart are for 15 Points. Trumpet Cleft Lineart by Nightshade678

Shaded Sketches are 20 Points. :thumb345929452:

Half-Body Pics are 50 Points. (Haven't made one yet, but I'm willing to try it! ^_^')

Full-Body Pics are 60-70 Points, depending on the amount of detail. Get Well Soon, Indra! by Nightshade678

Extra characters are 35 Points, because they'll take as much effort as the other(s).

Remember, this is my first time getting paid for this stuff, and if you don't have enough Points, or you have a "better" deal we can negotiate!

Thanks in advance!

P.S. While this widget says it sells for 40 DevPoints, this is only the average of all the points added up, divided, and rounded up to the nearest set of 10s. Also, talk to me if you are interested in background offers that you think you can pay for! :D
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Officer Wilson is not facing criminal charges in the death of eighteen year-old Michael Brown.

These are my thoughts about the case, so be warned, as what I say may or may not agree with your personal beliefs.

To be honest, I'm really, really happy this was the result. What crime was there? An officer following the law of which he enforces and re-enforces when necessary? Brown was charging at Officer Wilson with negative intentions, so there were only a few seconds to commit or omit a reaction. By defending himself, as permissible by state and federal law, he shot Brown because he showed he could have been a threat. No laws broken; no protocols violated. Simple as that.

Is it a shame that it came down to this? Very much so! I wish nobody died that day, but if Brown wasn't going to do as he was told and run up to an officer in rebellion, then he practically just asked for trouble to happen.

On a side note, I've received some personal heat on Facebook for my glee on the matter. Saying that someone is disappointed in me isn't going to change the Grand Jury's ruling.

The law was upheld justly, so please don't be bitter to anyone, regardless of what "side" they're on. They are entitled to have opinions just like you. Some will agree with you, others will not.

That is all. If I think of more things to say, I'll put them in this journal as edits. God bless and have a most blessed Thanksgiving! :D

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