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I think I'm ready to draw for payment, but I'll let you guys decide, alright? I only want points, so please, NO ACTUAL CASH!

Also, please remember, I'm not a professional, but a passionate amateur! ALSO It must be under PG-13, or I won't do it!!!!

So here's the deal:

Sketches/Lineart are for 15 Points. Trumpet Cleft Lineart by Nightshade678

Shaded Sketches are 20 Points. Steampunk Drawing by Nightshade678

Half-Body Pics are 50 Points. (Haven't made one yet, but I'm willing to try it! ^_^')

Full-Body Pics are 60-70 Points, depending on the amount of detail. Get Well Soon, Indra! by Nightshade678

Extra characters are 35 Points, because they'll take as much effort as the other(s).

Remember, this is my first time getting paid for this stuff, and if you don't have enough Points, or you have a "better" deal we can negotiate!

Thanks in advance!

P.S. While this widget says it sells for 40 DevPoints, this is only the average of all the points added up, divided, and rounded up to the nearest set of 10s. Also, talk to me if you are interested in background offers that you think you can pay for! :D
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They had my back tonight, and I most definitely appreciate it.

Here's the pre-synopsis:
- Band practice was in one hour and I was meeting a friend for dinner at chow.
-We, as band members, wear an alternate PT uniform when told to by our superiors(Our band uniform of the day). Today was one of those days.
-My platoon leader says that if anyone has a problem with me not wearing the proper PT uniform, or uniform of any sort, then go and tell my chain of command and let them know the situation. They would look out for me if anything went wrong.

I took my bike over to chow hall, like every time I go and eat, swipe my ID card, and go to the pizza line while wearing my band's PT uniform. Everything was alright until three guys, all a part of the Corps, come up to me altogether and start giving me trouble about my uniform and that it wasn't in regulation! I politely tell them what I was told, and that practice was very soon.

One of the guys, in a Captain America tank top, carelessly looks to his watch and so rudely says, "You have five minutes to change out of your uniform and come back to eat. Got that?"

Of course, I didn't respond. Not once. It wouldn't have made sense to say 'yes' and not do it.

So, they left and I got my pizza with no intention of leaving the dining area. I saw my friend and I told her what had just occurred, because she's in the Corps and GEB, too. At the same time, I'm texting my squad leader the situation, and he, in turn, told my platoon leader. I'm watching my platoon leader sit maybe fifteen or so yards away with civilian band members. Fifteen minutes pass, and I'm telling another friend of mine what happened when, coincidentally, one of the other two guys comes over to my table, while my friends are still there with me, and says, "Look, we told you fifteen minutes ago to get out of here and get out of your uniform..."

By the point, I'm seeing my platoon sergeant, my big brother-figure, walking around tables galore with the scariest expression on his face just to reach me(I am very scared of that face, and I've seen it more than enough times to know you're in deep trouble when he gives that face to you.). I stopped listening to the other guy and widened my eyes, looked back and forth from the guy to my sergeant, repeating, "Sergeant _____ is coming(Sorry, guys, I'm keeping him anonymous.)! Sergeant _____ is coming," and I had completely forgotten that my friends were sitting there as I'm trying to tell him this! Nobody had a clue what was bound to happen, and the other guy was kinda ticked off and not listening to what I said. My platoon sergeant finally comes to my side and (politely) interrupts the guy's ranting, and holy cow... I dunno why it took two people to say the same bloody thing, but the guy finally backed down and returned to his buddies across the aisle... totally chill!

Talking after band practice, my platoon sergeant told me that one of the three Corps members, the uber-rude one in the tank top, was the S-3, so he was an officer! Sergeant _____ overheard them talking about me, and he hreard the S-3 literally say, "Go get her," and my sergeant was not going to give them that satisfaction of calling out a Recruit who was only doing as she was told!

So, to end this, I was very grateful and appreciative of what all occurred to make sure I didn't burn unjustly. I'm glad my GEB family was there, or I would've just lost everything at chow! XD

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