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Ready for Commissions!
I think I'm ready to draw for payment, but I'll let you guys decide, alright? I only want points, so please, NO ACTUAL CASH!

Also, please remember, I'm not a professional, but a passionate amateur! ALSO It must be under PG-13, or I won't do it!!!!

So here's the deal:

Sketches/Lineart are for 15 Points. Trumpet Cleft Lineart by Nightshade678

Shaded Sketches are 20 Points. :thumb345929452:

Half-Body Pics are 50 Points. (Haven't made one yet, but I'm willing to try it! ^_^')

Full-Body Pics are 60-70 Points, depending on the amount of detail. Get Well Soon, Indra! by Nightshade678

Extra characters are 35 Points, because they'll take as much effort as the other(s).

Remember, this is my first time getting paid for this stuff, and if you don't have enough Points, or you have a "better" deal we can negotiate!

Thanks in advance!

P.S. While this widget says it sells for 40 DevPoints, this is only the average of all the points added up, divided, and rounded up to the nearest set of 10s. Also, talk to me if you are interested in background offers that you think you can pay for! :D
Stolen from Hina0126. Love you, Harley! :D

Have To Answer ALL The Questions!
2: Tagged As Many People As You Can! 
3: No Tagged Backs!
4: Can't Say You Don't Do Tags! 



Writing, Drawing, Anime, X-Men, Gaming, Singing

X-Men, Undertale, and FNAF are my doms right now!

~Favorite Color~
Green and other dark, cool colors

~Favorite Food & Drinks~

~Favorite Animal~
Pandas, duh! XD

~Favorite Movies/TV Shows~
Dude, that's tough as mess! DX I love a lot of movies and shows!

Christian, and proud of it! :D

No, but I am talking to an old friend of mine... :3

~ Person You Talk To The Most?~
My sister! :heart: 

~Favorite Fictional Character~
Sans (Undertale), Wolverine, and there's a whole list of others, but those two come to mind right now.


My twin sister, Lauren. ;3

Undiagnosed depression and anxiety; a rare, but occasional "breathing problem"(quoting my mother)

Mother & stepfather
"Father" and stepmother

~Pets ~
Two pit bull babies!

~Ever Sleep Walk~
Not to my knowledge...

When people are angry with me.
The fear of people refusing to speak to me.
Losing my right eye.
Predicting another death.
Sudden, loud noises.
Outside people getting "too close".
Panic attacks.

~Drink, Smoke, Drugs, Sex~

A raging extrovert who tends to ask a lot of questions and say the most random mess ever!

~Ever Get Turned On~
Other than the fanfiction and shipping fluff? XD

I wanna be a YouTuber!

~Where You Live~
Georgia, mother huggers! :D

Reading fanfics, doodling, crafting, watching shows/movies, gaming

Ever Been Abuse, Mistreated & Such~
That's not something I wish to discuss publicly. Thank you for understanding! 

~Good, Evil Or Neutral/Anti~
Chaotic good!~

Ever Fall In Love & Got Bad Relationship~
Kinda. Please, don't ask.

~Tomboy, Girly, Or Gothic~

~People You Dislike~
One, mainly. No names.

~Love Kids/Babies~
I love kids. Do I have any? NOOOOOO...


~Drive, Have A Job, Live By Yourself~
None of these...


Somewhat. It's limited.

~Favorite Song/Bands/Singers/Rappers~
Uhh... There's a lot...

~Have Any Kids Or Married~

~Sleep Naked Or In Clothes~
In my undergarments.

~Got A Tattoo~

My ears.

~Hair Style & Color~
Dark blond bob with straight bangs.

~Eye Color~

~Language Spoken~

~Angel Or Naughty~

~Height & Weight~
Five foot two inches and a half.

Too many to list, folks.

~Anime Or Hentai~
No hentai, please! I'm good with the basic magical girl anime and such!

~Real Life Or Imagination~

Yeahhh no. Bye, Felicia!
  • Listening to: Megalovania (Vocal Piano Cover)- Adrisaurus

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